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Piano+ #33
Spectrum. Brooklyn. February 4


recorded spaces · Piano+ 2021: Shared Space
interactive web-pieces by Ana Gnjatović. Gabriela Areal. Teodora Stepančić. Assaf Gidron

brankov most

Piano+ #23
interactive website
with: Maya Verlaak. Gabriela Areal. Weston Olencki. Teodora. Erin Rogers. Lucie Vítková. Nicolee Kuester. Douglas Farrand
September 3.

squares820 by Stepančić.Gidron
premiered at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020 as part of Scrreen Dive
interactive website piece



Šum/Hum • for string orchestra
premiered by Ensemble Metamorphosis at MetaWorld festival
Belgrade. December 11

Ensemble Modelo62 20 years anniversary
Den Haag. Nederland. December 1&2

Piano+ #32
Spectrum. Brooklyn. November 16

Piano+ #31
Spectrum. Brooklyn. September 24

Ensemble Modelo62
Moving by Chaz Underrider
Utrecht and Amsterdam. September

Teo Dora An Drea
debut album recording
Studio PM. Montreal. August



Piano+ #30
Teo Dora An Drea • piano+voice+a
music by Andrea Young. Daniel Brandes. Teodora Stepančić
March 2. 7:30pm. Scholes Street Studio. Brooklyn
live stream




Piano+ #29
music by Laura Cetilia, Assaf Gidron and Teodora Stepančić
October 29. 8pm. Brooklyn • info

#27·Piano+ 2021: Shared Space
music by Naeemah Z. Maddox. Rahul Nair. Douglas Farrand. Assaf Gidron
8.31.21. 7pm. RSVP


Collocation 3
Laura Cetilia and Teodora Stepančić
8.22.2021. 5pm est. online

8-597 • garden concert
featuring Olivia Shortt with Maureen Kelly
8.20.21. 7pm. BedStuy RSVP

garden· Piano+ 2021: Shared Space
music by Gabriela Areal. Florencia Sgandurra. Rachel Mangold. Lester St. Louis. Teodora Stepančić
6.29.2021. 7:30pm. BedStuy RSVP

emoji • Other Minds Records
digital album release


stoop/street · Piano+ 2021: Shared Space
music by Kwamé Omari. Lucie Vítková. Jesse Greenberg. Germaine Sijestermans. John Lely
5.30.2021. 7:30pm. BedStuy


dueti • Love Records
digital album release
with Katie Porter. Erin Rogers. Rachel Mangold. Lucie Vitkova. Assaf Gidron
supported by NYFA


Autogram • Radio Beograd 2
radio show by Zorica Premate
March 26. 17:30 CET info


Dueti • Teodora Stepančić - live stream
with Katie Porter. Erin Rogers. Rachel Mangold
October 29. here

Piano+ #23
interactive website
with: Maya Verlaak. Gabriela Areal. Weston Olencki. Teodora. Erin Rogers. Lucie Vítková. Nicolee Kuester. Douglas Farrand
September 3.

Piano+ #22
garden concert with LCOllective
music by Rachel Mangold. Douglas Farrand. Evelyn Emile. Assaf Gidron. Yaoung Eun Kim. Pauline Oliveros
August 19. 6:30pm RSVP for the address


walks & days by Porter James
LCollective, Stray Poets
album release
August 7. 9pm. zoom

Piano+ #21
zen af by LiKWUiD and teodora
album release
July 3. Love Records
Piano+ #20 - the Quarantine Concerts
works by Ana Gnjatović. Sarah Hughes.  Stepančić.Gidron
May 10. 4:30pm. live stream at Experimental Sound Studios

Piano+ #19 - BROOKLYN
music by Lucie Vítková. Jesse Greenberg. Florencia Sgandurra. Milos Raickovich with LCollective
January 19. 3pm. Spectrum


LCollective - KINGSTON
Notice Recordings presents: Sarah Hennies/Michael Bisio/Gary Lindorff/LCollective
December 16. 7:30pm. Green Kill info

Deliver Us from Donald VI - BOOKLYN
Katie Bishop's concert series
Kelsey Lurie & Genee Coreno. Emily Frembgen. Eli Denby Wood. Lucie Vítková
December 13. 7pm. New Women Space info

Piano+ #18 - BROOKLYN
piano+low strings
music by Laura Ceitila. Rishin Singh. Rachel Mangold. Laurnce Crane with LCollective
December 1. 3pm. Spectrum


3 Rivers Film Festival - PITTSBURGH
films by Madison Brooklshire. live soundtrack by LCollective
November 22. 7pm. Harris Theater info

Piano+ #17 - BROOKLYN
music by Grzeorz Marciniak. Germaine Sijstermans. Vladan Kulišić. Assaf Gidron. Teodora Stepančić featuring Doug Farrand
October 20. 7:30pm. Areté Venue&Gallery


International Review of Composers - BELGRADE
Clarinet No.5 (Rastko) performed by Rastko Uzunović
October 4.-9. Belgrade

Chance and Cisrcumstance - QUEENS
 Stepančić.Gidron - casio+sinetones
September 21. 7pm. Chocolate Factory Theater info

Internationales Minimal Music Festival - KASSEL. GERMANY
Ensemble for Different New Music performs 'Keyboards December 2017'
September 21. Kulturbahnhof info

Passages | Pasajes - NEW YORK
a site specific sonic performance by John Hastings
September 21. 4pm. Dongan Lawn. Fort Tryon Park info

Ensemble for Different New Music - BELGRADE
performance of 'Keyboards December 2017'
September 15. Narodni Muzej Beograd info

Piano+ #16 - BROOKLYN
music by Gabriela Areal. Germaine Sijstermans. Vladan Kulišić. Hollas Longton. Elizabeth Adams
September 8. 7pm. Spectrum

dirke bw

 Stepančić.Gidron - QUEENS.NY
August 19. 7pm. H0l0 info

Conversations - CANADA
complete performance of Conversations by André Cormier and text by Herménégilde Chiasson
with Andrea Young. Juliet Fraser. Robin Streb. Laura Cetilia. Cassia Sterb. Teodora Stepančić. Quator Bozzini and more
August 11- 16. Église hisorique de Barachois info

Klangraum. Stepančić.Gidron - GERMANY
July 30 - August 4 Kunstraum. DUsseldorf info

LCollective in Heerlen - THE NETHERLANDS
music by Germaine Sijstermans, Gabriela Areal, Evelyn Emile and Teodora Stepančić
July 28. LIMA


Sidereal Assaf+Teodora - NEW YORK
dj set by Teodora, dj set by Assaf, dj set by both
June 23. 6-9pm. One Thousand Birds

Interrobang:New Works Night 7&8 - NEW YORK
performing new work by John Hastings
July 16. & 17. The Brick

LCollective in Maastricht - THE NETHERLANDS
concert and recordings with Germaine Sijstermans and Gabriela Areal
July 26. Maastricht

The Dog Star Orchestra 15 - LOS ANGELES
LCollective performance
pieces by Evelyn Emile. Doug Farrand. Matt Lau. Assaf Gidron and Teodora Stepančić
June 15th 7pm by the river at Atwater Village info

Piano+ #15 - BROOKLYN
music by Laura Cetilia. Eugene Kim. Cecilia Arditto. Young Eun Kim. Germaine Sijstermans performed by Teodora and LCollective
June 9. 8:30pm. Arete Venue and Gallery. Greenpoint

Symposium Transformations of the Audible - THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62 performs works by Peter Ablinger
May 17+18. 8:30pm. Koninklijk Conservatorium. Den Haag


Piano+ #14 - NEW YORK
music by Sam Sfirri. Jack Callahan. Teodora Stepančić. Stepančić.Gidron
April 14th 7pm One Thousand Birds


Madison Brookshire screenings - NEW YORK
with live performances by LCollective
April 12th 7pm Mono No Aware
April 14th 7:30pm Anthology Film Archives
April 15th 7:30pm Microscope Gallery


Piano+ #13 - BROOKLYN
music by Maya Verlaak. Alison Isadora. Eva-Maria Houben. Coleman Zurkowski. Lucie Vítková performed by LCollective
March 3rd 8pm Arete Venue and Gallery info

 Stepančić/Lorenz/Gidron CD release tour - US
music by Pisaro. Frey.  Stepančić. Emile. Gidron. Lamb.  Veličković. Lorenz
February 2019
Santa Cruz. Wind River. 8pm. info
Oakland. Studio Grand. 9:30pm. info
Los Angeles. Wild Beast. CalArts. 8pm. info
Los Angeles. Open Source-the wulf. Coaxial. 8pm. info
New York. mise-en_place. Bushwick. 8pm. info

Piano+ #12 - BROOKLYN
Ofir Klemperer's album MS-20. Doug Farrand's new work
January 19.. 9pm. Spectrum


Iam Epps. Teodora. Glymmur - BROOKLYN
new solo work for 2 casio keyboards and field recordings
January 9. 8pm. H0l0


LCollective - ORANGE.NJ
music by Evelyn Emile. Gabriela Areal. Mark So
Assaf Gidron. Jesse Greenberg
with Denera James and Christopher Foss
December 15. 3pm

Orange 4

Piano+ #11 - BROOKLYN
works by Maya Verlaak. Lisa Hirsch. Matt Lau. Graham Flett
with Elliot Simpson and LCollective
December 9. 3pm. Spectrum


Olencki/Moore-Simpson/Dante-Liberatore -BROOKLYN
premiere of #4 the Guitar
November 28. 8pm.  Areté

music by Jürg Frey. Teodora Stepančić. Cat Lamb. Antoine Beuger. Brian Eubanks
with Martin Lorenz. Assaf Gidron. Jürg Frey. Cat Lamb. Rebecca Lane. Koen Nutters & more
Colours of Silence. November 18. 5pm. Schlosserei. Zurich
Shared Space - Berlin. November 23. 24. 25. Ausland. Berlin
Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation.November 27. 7:30pm. ZHdk. Zurich

Noise, Silence, What Now - ATHENS. GREECE
works by Eva-Maria Houben. Evelyn Emile. Michael Pisaro. Germaine Sijstermans. Assaf Gidron. Pauline Oliveros. Teocora  Stepančić
with Katerina Meliti. Nicoleta Chatzopoulou and Mislav  Režić
November 1. 7:30pm. N Gallery

Intercity sessions - Ensemble Modelo62 - THE NETHERLANDS
 October 25. 8:30pm. Korzo Theater. DEN HAAG
 October 26. 8pm Splendor. AMSTERDAM
 October 27. 8pm Gallery United. ROTTERDAM
 October 28. 3pm kunst ruimte kuub. UTRECHT

Piano+ #10
works by Sarah Friedland. Evelyn Emile. Anton Lukoszevize. Teodora Stepančić
October 17. 9pm. Spectrum


Piano+ #9 - BROOKLYN
keyboard music by Assaf Gidron
Teodora at piano and keyboards
September 30. 7pm. Spectrum

LCollective - ORANGE.NJ
music by Margaux Simons. Evelyn Emile. Douglas Farrand
Teodora Stepančić. Assaf Gidron. Larry Polansky
September 22. 4pm

Orange 4
Standing Waves #15 - BOSTON
music and talk by Teodora Stepančić
performed by Ordinary Affects and Love Collective
September 16. 4pm. MIT Bookstore info 

Teodora Stepančić at RISD - PROVIDENCE. RI
André Cormier's Zwischen den Wolken
September 15. 12pm. RISD Museum info

public offering: Love Collective - PROVIDENCE. RI
music by Evelyn Emile. Douglas Farrand. Laura Cetilia
Mandfred Werder. Gabriela Areal and Teodora Stepančić
September 14. 8pm. 159 Sutton 

Piano+ #8
C.A. Zurkowski: Eight Through-Composed Harmonies - 8.G
music by Assaf Gidron. Jesse Greenberg. Matt Lau. Douglas Farrand. Teodora Stepancic
June 29 9pm Spectrum

Inner/Outer Sounds - Femle Composers Festival - BROOKLYN
music and film by Evelyn Emile. Pauline Oliveros. Gabriela Areal. Germaine Sijstermans. Teodora Stepančić
performeb by Matt Lau. Danielle Mink-Bellizzi. Teodora Stepančić
June 16 8:30pm Spectrum


Shared Space . composer.performer - BUSHWICK
Maya Felixbrodt. Germaine Sijstermans. Laura Cetilia. Liisa Hirsch. Lucie Vítková
May 26. 8pm. MISE-EN_PLACE


Ghost Ensemble - SANTA CRUZ. CA
Teodora Stepancic: Harp n Ropes 
May 18. 9pm. Wind River

Piano+ #7
Larry Polansky: B'midbar. Coleman Zurkowski: 7.D
with Jesse Greenberg. Douglas Farrand. Matt Lau. Assaf Gidron
May 6. 3pm. Spectrum

Teodora Stepancic+aurelius|cloud
music my Mark R Taylor and more
May 2. 7:30pm. Shapeshifter Lab

Piano+ #6 +Speakers+Magnets+Coils+Tape Recorders+Microphones
music: Luc Ferrari. Ana Gnjatović. Jasna Veličković. John Lely and C.A. Zurkowski's 6th chord
with Jesse Greenberg. Douglas Farrand. Matt Lau
April 13. 9pm. Spectrum 

Shared Space . ensemble - BUSHWICK
music: Maya Verlaak. Claudio Baroni. Vladan Kulišić. Assaf Gidron/Bach. Laurence Crane
performers: Denera James. Joseaugusto Mejía. Lester. St. Louis. Jesse Greenberg. Assaf Gidron. Teodora.
March 23. 8pm. MISE-EN_PLACE


Piano+ #5 +Voice+Recorder+Melodica+Guitar+Cello+Casios Keyboards
Douglas Farrand. Assaf Gidron. Matt Lau. Coleman Zuwrkowski. Nathan Repasz. Miloš Raičković
music by Pauline Oliveros. Evelyn Emile. Larry Polansky. Teodora and Coleman
March 4. 3pm. Spectrum


Piano+ #4 +Sine Tones+Casio Keyboards
with Assaf Girdon
Tom Johnson: Kirkman's Ladies and Assaf'Gidron: new work + Coleman Zuwrkowski's chord No. 4
February 11. 3pm. Spectrum


Shared Space . electronic - BUSHWICK
Douglas Farrand. Ana Gnjatović. Assaf Gidron
Cindy Giron. Sohrab Motabar. Samuel Sfirri
January 26. 8pm. MISE-EN_PLACE


Piano+ #3 +Accordion+Casio Organ
with Lucie Vítková. works by Muyassar Kurdi. Elizabeth Adams
Michael Vincent Waller. Coleman Zurkowski. Pauline Oliveros
Janyary 19. 9pm. Spectrum


Subtle aural impressions - LOS ANGELES
December 21. 8pm. PAM


Piano+ #2
Philippakopoulos. Zurkowski 
December 15. 9pm. Spectrum

Water Tones - BROOKLYN
Works by Milos Raickovich and new piece by Teodora Stepancic
December 12. 9:30pm. Shapeshifter Lab
Intercity Sessions - THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62 performs
Barlow. Tenney. Lucier. Sherouse. Vine 
November 25-27 in Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Piano+ #1
Feldman. Frey. Oliveros. Zurkowski
November 12. 3pm. Spectrum

Intercity Sessions - THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62 performs
Polanski. Tenney. van Bergeijk. Harden. Longton
October 27-29 in Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Ars Subtilior Festival - PROVIDENCE. RI
featuring composer André Cormier
October 20 RISD Museum

Keyboards 2 - BROOKLYN
composers/performers: Lucie Vítková. Coleman Alexander Zurkowski.
Douglas Farrand. Assaf Gidron and Teodora Stepančić
October 4. 9pm. ShapeShifter Lab


2007-2017 - TEL AVIV
composers/performers: Ivana Kiš. Thibault Viviani. Dganit Elyakim.
Ophit Izletzki. Faye Shapiro. Roy Shapira. Teodora Stepančić
September 28. 8pm. Immanuel Church

Concert 30 - BROOKLYN
music by Miguelángel Clerc Parada. Assaf Gidron. Teodora Stepančić
on casio organ, cello and electric guitar
September 16. 7pm. Spectrum


Sidereal four - BROOKLYN
Assaf and Teodora Djing some '90electronic. contemporary classical. experimental + some new stuff
August 20. 6-9pm

Faye Shapiro, Assaf Shatil. Assaf Gidron. Teodora Stepančić
August 19. 8pm. Willow Place Auditorium

Klangraum - DÜSSELDORF
Stepančić.Gidron series of concerts
featuring pieces by Sam Sfirri. Jack Callahan. Stepančić.Gidron
July 18-23

Ensemble mise-en premiers pieces by
Dimou. Polaczyk. Salkind-Pearl. Stepančić
premiere of 'for 7 musicians'
May 26. 8pm. mise-en place Bushwick


Innocence Lost - BROOKLYN
Recital with soprano Celine Mogielnicki
Poulenc. Weil. Rachmaninov. Sibelius
May 19. 7:30pm. Scholes Street Studio
Whispering in my pillow - DEN HAAG. THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62 performs Ablinger. Garland. Vriezen. Paiuk. Pereira
May 3. 8:30pm. Korzo Theater
Teodora Stepančić solo piano
Feldman. Wolff. Frey. Stepančić. Gidron. Taylor
April 12. 8:30pm. Universidad de Tres de Febrero

Stepančić.Gidron + Areal Cabado duo + Modelo62 - BUENOS AIRES
Works by Oliveros. Tenney. Stepančić. Gidron. Cabado
April 11. 6pm. Conservatorio Mauel de Falla

Stepančić.Gidron + Areal Cabado duo - BUENOS AIRES
April 9. 8:30pm. Una Casa


Teodora Stepančić workshop y concierto - QUILMES. ARGENTINA
Feldman:Palais de Mari Wolff:Small preludes
Stepančić: for pianist and helperformer. clarinet no3 (*jorge) performed by Jorge López García
April 5. 6:30pm. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes


Ensemble Modelo62 - ROSARIO
Music by Santero, Christensen, Barlow and Baroni
April 3. 8pm. Teatro el Círculo

Teodora Stepančić y Ensemble Modelo62 - MAR DEL PLATA
Music by Frey. Polansky. Gidron. Taylor. Acosta
March 30. 8:30pm. Centro Cultural Victoria Ocampo

Ensemble Modelo62. Gira 2017 - MAR DEL PLATA
Music by Justin Christensen. Mariano Losi. Alvin Lucier. Santiago Santero. Martín Virgili
March 29. 9pm. Teatro Auditorium. Sala Piazzolla

Music by Tenney. Polansky. Pisaro. Longton for piano and ensemble
Teodora Stepančić - piano with Ensemble Modelo62 and Areal Cabado duo
March 25. La Pipa de la Pepa


Musical Ecologies series - BROOKLYN
Works by Assaf Gidron. Hollas Longton
Thomas Aldrich and Teodora Stepančić
March 9. 8pm. The Old Stone House

Concert XXVI Guitar. Piano. Sine Tones. - NEW YORK
Elliot Simpson. Teodora Stepančić. Assaf Gidron
Alvin Lucier. Larry Polansky. Manfred Werder. Samuel Vriezen
March 3. 8:30pm. Spectrum

march 3rd spectrum

SLOW S D festival of slow music - SAN DIEGO
Erik Carlson performs my piece '90'
February 12. UCSD

slow sd

Stepančić.Gidron at ShapeShifter Lab - BROOKLYN
Music by Assaf Gidron. Teodora Stepančić. Michael Pisaro. Tom Johnson
January 23


Ghost Ensemble - BROOKLYN
New works by Teodora Stepancic. Ben Richter.
Elizabeth Adams. Kristina Wolfe. Andrew C. Smith
premiere of Harp n Ropes (No. 4)
December 15. 7.30pm. The Invisible Dog Art Center

Wasserklavier - NEW YORK
Works by Luciano Berio. Christian Wolff. Jürg Frey. Eugene A Kim. Assaf Gidron
November 27. 7pm. Spectrum


Ellen C. Covito's Homebodies
Composed Improvisations and Improvised Compositions by Ellen Covito and Teodora Stepančić's Construction
performed by No Collective featuring Assaf Gidron and Teodora Stepancic
November 22. 8pm. BedStuy


New works by Jeromos Kamphuis. Sam Sfirri. Teodora Stepančić
November 5. 8pm. Williamsburg


Keyboards - NEW YORK
New works by Jason Brogan, Jeromos Kamphuis, Assaf Gidron and Sam Sfirri
November 4. 7pm. Spectrum

Tom Johnson: Networks - NEW YORK
Stepančić.Gidron - piano, keyboards, sine tones
October 16. 3pm. Spectrum


Stepančić.Gidron at Mengi - REYKJAVIK. ICELAND
August 26


Recording Michael Pisaro's Concentric Rings in Magletic Levitation - ZURICH. SWITZERLAND
to be released on DUMPF Label. with Assaf Gidron and Martin Lorenz
August 15-20. Radio Studio Zurich

Concerts at Klangraum concert series - DÜSSELDORF. GERMANY
July 18 - 23 
July 18. 7pm. works by Mark R. Taylor and Oded Assaf
July 19. 7pm. Networks by Tom Johnson
July 20. 7pm. Satie - Le fils de etoiles
             9pm. Germaine Sijstermans performs Clarinet No2 (*Germaine)
July 21. 7pm. Anastassis Philippakopoulos - Piano 1. 2 and 3
             9pm. casio organ and sine tones by Assaf Gidron
July 22. 7pm. Jeromos Kamphuis - Sequence
July 23. 7pm. Mark Hanesson - The Angel's Game 

Video/text/graphic/verbal scores - NEW YORK
works by Michael Pisaro.Ingi Garðar Erlendsson.Þráinn Hjálmarsson.Assaf Gidron.Teodora Stepančić 
with Assaf Gidron.Charlie Rauh.Jesse Greenberg.Lester St. Louis.Sasha Zamler-Carhart 
Jun 19. 3pm Spectrum

Stepančić.Gidron + Samuel Sfirri + Jason Brogan + Jack Callahan - QUEENS
May 30. Trans Pecos


First house concert - BUSHWICK
Samuel Sfirri, Teodora Stepančić, Assaf Gidron, Jason Brogan and Lucie Vitkova
May 28. Our home

Stepančić.Gidron + Zamler-Carhart/Rauh/Greenberg + Body Bag - BROOKLYN
April 30. Scholes Street Studio
Facebook event

Eavesdropping - NEW YORK
April 17. Spectrum

Stepančić.Gidron at MATA Festival / MATA Funhouse - QUEENS. NY
April 14. Trans Pecos


Music of Claudio Baroni - AMSTERDAM. THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62
April 8. Orgelpark


Recent 12-tone works for solo violin - BROOKLYN.NY
Erik Carlson
works by Eva Maria Houben, Assaf Gidron, Teodora Stepancic
March 15. Scholes Street Studio


Stepančić.Gidron at Spectrum East Event #4 - BELGRADE. SERBIA
March 13. 20h. Spectrum East

Dag in de branding - THE HAGUE. THE NETHERLANDS
Ensemble Modelo62 performs works by Raphaël Cendo and Emre Kaleli
March 5. 15h. Korzo Theater


Two solo piano concerts at Spectrum - NEW YORK. USA

Final Music - Concert I
Alvin Lucier: Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators. Thomas Aldrich: Chords 4.
Mark R Taylor: Final Music. Hollas Longton: Landscape with Train Whistle.
February 6. 21h

Final Music - Concert II
Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Klavierstück IX.
Michael Finnissy: My love is like a red red rose. Assaf Gidron: Arpeggio Pieces.
February 20. 20:30h

Concert XV - Stepančić.Gidron Duo with Lester St. Louis - BROOKLYN. NY
Performing Teodora’s work ‘for bowed string and keyboard or plucked string with resonance’ (cello+piano version); set by Stepančić.Gidron duo for casio organ and sine waves; trio improv set
January 14. 20h. The Firehouse Space



Kulturalne konwersacje - WROCLAW. POLAND
Teodora Stepancic: For Pianist and Helperformer. Drasko Adzic: Preludium i Aria. D. Vejnovic: Two Infants and a Coin. A. Gnjatović: 22 Ways. S. Krupowicz: Cztery utwory na fortepian
performed by Kamil Grabowski and Tomasz Śliwowski
December 5. NFM


Swiss Music Days Belgrade - BELGRADE. SERBIA
Ensemble Studio 6 (Serbia) and Ensemble Phoenix (Switzerland)
music by Jürg Frey, Ernö Kiraly, Svetlana Maraš
September 18. SKC.

Sacred Realism Series - BERLIN. GERMANY
Concentric Rings in Magentic Levitation by Michael Pisaro
Assaf Gidron-electronics, objects, Martin Lorenz-percussion, Teodora Stepancic-piano
September 13. Studio Acht

Ensemble Modelo62
September 11. Rasa Theater

Modelo Press

new works by Teodora Stepancic. Assaf Gidron. Graham Flett
performed by Vladan Kulisic. Maya Felixbrodt. Omega Impact
September 11. Loos Den Haag


Teodora Stepancic - piano and Assaf Gidron - sine waves
works by Alvin Lucier, Peter Adtiaansz, Assaf Gidron, Teodora Stepancic
August 8. Negra40


Stepančić.Gidron at San Telmo - BUENOS AIRES. ARGENTINA